A little about our Church

It's probably important to start by making it clear that we are not the ones who finally got the Bible right. Neither do we possess the secret to life, exclusive access to God, or "Seven Steps to Satisfaction." We are however, powerfully drawn to the person and work of Jesus.

So we're experimenting, and failing, and building a community that collectively follows Jesus; Hoping, trusting, and even sometimes doubting that it might create something beautiful in this world.

Like the early followers of Jesus in Acts ch. 2, we think the best way to do life is through Christ-centered communities cultivating compassion for our city. Below you will see our FAMILY VALUES: the foundational statements, taken from Acts 2, on which City Church is established.

Christ-Centered Communities
Cultivating Compassion
For The City

Family Values


As followers of Jesus, everything we do -work, home, and play- must be driven by the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done. The gospel drives us to follow Jesus and help others to do the same.


We were not designed to follow Jesus alone. It's only together that we can be and do what God has designed us for. Together, we seek to engage the world around us with the good news of Jesus.


Jesus told his followers that the Spirit of God would guide them. As his followers today, we believe the Spirit of God lives in us, and with his power, we can be obedient to Jesus' commands here and now.


Jesus was generous, ultimately giving up his life for his followers. As his followers, we are called to be good stewards of everything God has given us, which includes being generous towards the needs around us.


We can be always filled with joy because of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. Even when the battles of life rage around us, we will choose to fight for joy because we are loved and valued by God.